Brand Engagement: Understanding the Millennial Mindset   |   December 29, 2011
The M Group Millenial Technology

Millennials are growing up, and that means marketers and employers must understand this huge generation, including factors that make them unique. Millennials are far more apt to purchase from brands that succeed in engaging them and building rapport than those that try and force a message purely from an authoritative position. Perhaps the most important insight for marketers into the Millennial mindset is that it takes an altogether new kind of approach to reach them.

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Getting Down to Brass Tacks: Managing Marketing Projects   |   December 7, 2011
The M Group Manage Marketing Projects

reat marketing involves people who know their roles, are specialists in their field, but more than that, great marketing and advertising need the expert skill of project management leading the way. It’s the secret ingredient for an all-around smoother marketing experience. Behind any great campaign, you can bet a solid process and efficient systems have been the guiding force.

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Your Product Is Your Advertising: Managing the Brand Promise   |   December 1, 2011
The M Group Brand Positioning Advertising

Digital and social media channels have fundamentally changed marketing and advertising. In old times, the question all marketers asked was, “How do we make people think of our product?” That was the day of one-sided, hard-sell messaging. The product and the marketing were seen as separate things. Less important was what the consumer thought after buying the product; the thing that sold was the message.

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Brand Positioning and Cyber Monday Hype   |   November 28, 2011
The M Group Brand Positioning Cyber Monday

People like their specialty shopping days, whether or not they’re the best deals of the year. Today, the retail world is celebrating Cyber Monday, a shopping holiday that marketing launched to prominence. Earlier this month, T-Mobile celebrated “Magenta Saturday” and Mattel offered “Pink Thursday” and “Blue Friday.” In December, Gander Mountain will offer “Camo Thursdays.”

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The M Group Educates Insurance Pros on Marketing to Millennials   |   November 22, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 22, 2011 – Millennials, teens to under-30 adults, are a burgeoning buying power and an emerging workforce, outnumbering the Baby Boomers at 70+ million strong. Praised for their optimism, grasp of technology and ability to collaborate, Millennials are also thought to exhibit less-than-ideal professionalism, work ethics, independent and critical thinking skills.

The M Group will speak to the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, educating this group on the Millennial generation as it pertains to their industry.

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The M Group Receives 2011 Deubener Award   |   November 4, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 4, 2011 – Announced at the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce’s Honors Gala, held at the Landmark Center on November 3rd, 2011, The M Group was awarded the Deubener Award.

At last night’s gala, guests heard from Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Saint Paul Area Chamber President Matt Kramer, Saint Joseph’s Hospital CEO Sara Criger, Saint Paul Hotel General Manager David Miller, and other leaders promoting growth and innovation in business…

2011 Deubener Awards Selects The M Group   |   
The M Group Deubener Award

We are just delighted to have been selected as the 2011 Deubener Award Winner announced at the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce’s Honors Gala, held at the Landmark Center on November 3rd, 2011.

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Choosing the Right Advertising Agency or Marketing Firm   |   November 3, 2011
The M Group Marketing Strategies Agency

When it comes to selecting a marketing partner, the decision is critical to the business’s bottom line. In a saturated and competitive market, it’s imperative that your agency understands your business challenges and can meet them head-on. Finding a strategic marketing agency will take some time, but it should result in a partnership that fits your organization structure, culture and vision.

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Brand Differentiation: Reposition for Relevance   |   November 1, 2011
The M Group Brand Strategy Differentiation

In marketing, we often ask our clients how their brand is different from their competitors. Brand differentiation means finding that magical golden nugget that sets their business apart from every other competitor, and building communications around it. In a crowded market, differentiation is fundamental to business success.

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Brand Engagement: Building Relationships with Your Target Audience   |   October 27, 2011
The M Group Social Media Plan Business-to-Consumer

The digital revolution has spawned thousands of tools for brands to connect with their customers. Mobile, social and digital have become the way of life for the everyday consumer. Many companies have jumped into social media knowing it’s important, but still not quite sure why or how to use the available tools. The key to using social media is executing against the brand’s larger marketing strategy. In the end, the latest digital tools are only tactics to engage consumers and build relationships with their target audience.

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Battle of the Social Media Networks   |   October 25, 2011
The M Group Social Media Plan Infographic

Social media platforms are fighting to become even more ubiquitous. As if the reach wasn’t great enough already. Facebook and Google+ are both vying to be the #1 social media platform, and although Google+ is the Johnny-come-lately, they’re well on their way to making a serious play for the glory (in spite of the Google employee who accedentally posted his Google+ rant on Google+).

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Honored to Be Among the Business Finalists for the Deubener Awards   |   October 12, 2011
The M Group Awards

The M Group has been selected as a finalist for the Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce’s 2011 Deubener Awards. It gives us pause in our daily race to say: what an honor to be considered for this award.

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The M Group Announced as Deubener Award Finalist   |   October 11, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 11, 2011 – The M Group is announced as a Deubener Award finalist for outstanding achievement, the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce’s highest honor. Selection for the Deubener Award is based on criteria in the areas of growth, excellence, risk, diversity, and innovation.

Launched in 2008, The M Group has covered significant ground as a full-service creative and digital agency. With a lineup of local and national clients including US Bank, Microsoft, Andersen Windows, Como Zoo and others, The M Group has successfully launched mobile apps…

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Incorporating User-Generated Content into a Brand Strategy   |   October 9, 2011
The M Group Brand Strategy User-Generated Content

When it comes to your brand’s social media plan and content strategy, it can be daunting to think of giving your customers a voice on the corporate website. However, positive or negative, people are talking about your brand in forums, blogs and social media circles. They’re sharing their opinions about your brand on everything from your customer service, product offerings, wait times in store or on the phone, usefulness and efficiencies of your employees and more. And they’re doing it without being asked. Who put a quarter in customers today?

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