Part of Your Brand Strategy: Making Client Relationships Meaningful   |   December 5, 2010
The M Group Brand Strategy Relationship

With the year’s main gift-giving time approaching, it seems like a good moment to stop and consider what we, as a service-providing agency, can do to build our client relationships. After all, personal interaction is one of the best ways to further your brand strategy with clients.

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Minnesota Publication Features Marketing Expertise of The M Group   |   November 7, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 9, 2010 – New Business Minnesota, the monthly guide for emerging businesses, will feature The M Group’s approach for building a successful business through the development of a marketing plan.

On behalf of The M Group, Janessa Meyer will contribute an article to the December edition of New Business Minnesota’s monthly newspaper.

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Como Zoo and Conservatory Partners with The M Group   |   September 14, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 14, 2010 – For a second year, The M Group will be the marketing sponsor for Como Park Zoo and Conservatory’s 2011 Sunset Affair.

“Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is a special place for all of us who live in the Twin Cities,” said The M Group Client Partner Janessa Meyer. “We are happy to support their amazing work, as they continue to provide all of us with a beautiful local, even exotic, destination.”

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Como Zoo Names The M Group as Sunset Affair Marketer for 2nd Year   |   
The M Group Marketing Strategy Como

For our second year, The M Group will be the marketing sponsor for Como Park Zoo & Conservatory’s 2011 Sunset Affair.

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Color’s Role in Brand Recognition: The Silent Language   |   August 27, 2010

Time for color theory in design, the silent language. Color evokes emotions (the feel of awe watching a crimson sunset on the beach). It can awaken the senses (ew, that brown banana is past its prime) and non-verbally communicate attributes of the brand (the security found in…). Ultimately, color selection in logo identity development and a brand’s creative assets have meaning and strategic relevance to the business.

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Three Decades of Technology: The History of a Lifetime   |   August 22, 2010

Bill Buxton, Microsoft researcher and writer, has created his own online museum of the technology he’s witnessed over the last few decades. These are just a few of the fun gadgets you’ll find at his site.

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Refreshing a Brand? It’s More than Just Creating a New Logo Alone   |   August 17, 2010

When a client wants to refresh their brand image, this sometimes means a new logo identity but often what they’re asking for is help to claim a unique positioning in the marketplace for their brand. Many businesses undergo a ‘brand refresh’ because of a need to change the perception of their brand in the minds of consumers, shareholders, employees and other key stakeholders. This could be the result of a merger or acquisition, or the business soaring to new heights in the marketplace. Whatever the reason for the brand refresh, The M Group starts with a strategic planning effort called Discovery.

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Developing Social Media Presence: 7 Tips for Facebook Marketing   |   August 15, 2010

As web users move further away from the static web and more into the daily use of social networking and web apps, social media marketing continues to be more important than ever before. When it comes to Facebook, the strategy rests on the basic components of a fan page. Understand the purpose of each component and you have the basis of a solid marketing channel.

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Digital Trends: Opportunity for Mobile Advertising   |   June 29, 2010

The Wild West of online advertising is about to enter its golden age, thanks to the continued explosion of mobile marketing and e-commerce, according to predictions by Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley global technology analyst. She recently spoke on Internet Trends at the Conversational Marketing Summit in New York.

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Content Strategy: Every Brand Needs One   |   June 11, 2010
The M Group Content Strategy

As a kid, my friend and I used to commiserate about the endless recitations about history, news, politics, or whatever else that both our fathers would make at the dinner table. They would expostulate long after the plates were cleared, while our eyes would glaze over. My friend and her siblings finally concocted a jovial little saying for their dad when he was about to launch into another story about his days in the Navy.

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The M Group Equips Mall of America® with Mobile Technology   |   May 28, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, MINN., May 28, 2010 – Looking to link real life with the digital world, Mall of America® is announcing collaboration with Microsoft Tag. Among the first shopping centers to utilize the Microsoft Tag technology, Mall of America hopes to revolutionize how consumers can interact with its tenants.

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Kare11 Covers Como’s Polar Bear Odyssey   |   May 26, 2010

The Como Zoo in St. Paul is counting down to the June 3rd, 2010 opening of an exhibit that will offer its polar bears a bigger, better environment to live and play.

The M Group to Bring New Strategies on Digital Marketing   |   May 12, 2010

SAINT PAUL, MINN., April 15, 2010 –The M Group will speak at the Chamber U Workshop presented by the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce on May 12, 2010 at 7:30 a.m.. The focus of the session is to help attendees develop a new approach to connecting with their customers in today’s digital age. Specifically, the workshop emphasizes ways for businesses to maneuver the ever-changing media landscape and strategically connect to customers through both traditional and non-traditional media channels.

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Driving Brand Interaction with QR Codes   |   March 15, 2010

As seen in magazines, restaurant menus, television commercials and sidewalk signs, these 2D “Quick Response” bar codes have quickly gained popularity. With a click of your mobile camera, the QR code reader leads to an website, video stream, presents a coupon, or delivers a downloadable audio track.

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