Our Work for Microsoft Surface: First Midwest Partner On Multi-Touch   |   October 2, 2008

We blogged about the release of the Microsoft Surface earlier this year and are very thrilled to be the FIRST company in the Midwest to partner with Microsoft to develop software for its multi-touch computer.

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The M Group Awarded Surface Partner by Microsoft   |   

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 2, 2008 – The interactive multi-touch table, Microsoft Surface, arrived today at The M Group Creative’s downtown Minneapolis office. Microsoft Surface is a multi-touch computer that allows people to grab digital content with their hands, gestures, and real-world objects instead of using a mouse and keyboard.

The M Group is first in the Midwest to receive invitation and status by Microsoft for Surface.

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Listen to the Consumer: Marketing as a Two-Way Conversation   |   August 12, 2008
Marketing as a Two-Way Conversation

Remember the not-so-long-ago days of marketing preach? Companies held the megaphone and as for the consumer, well, they should be seen and not heard.

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Advent of Multi-Touch: Technology’s Impact on the Marketplace   |   April 22, 2008

For all the thousands of years it took man to capture electricity, channel it into a switch and create a light bulb, we’ve blitzed through dozens of generations of technological development in the last few decades.

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Happy Twirthday: Social Media Just Keeps Socializing   |   January 9, 2008

Twitter is turning 3! If you’re still sitting there feeling like you can’t keep up with social channel that grew from a technology infant to full-blown adult seemingly overnight, let us suggest that you take some time to learn some key steps to hit the sweet spot in this game of 140-character messages.

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